Oral Pathology


  • The department of oral pathology plays an important role in investigations in diagnosis of various dental ailments . All the while ,we are aiming at achieving excellence through diligent hard work and is conducting studies and original research on wide range on topics.

  • The department of oral pathology also includes the department of dental anatomy and dental histology


  • The Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Biology strives to be internationally recognised for academic excellence in the fields of Oral Pathology, Oral Biology, Oral Radiology and Forensic Odontology.


  • The mission of the Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Biology is to:

  • Generate new knowledge through relevant research

  • Stimulate a critical approach to guide students in the process of independent learning, thereby contributing to the delivery of competent newly graduated dentists

  • Provide diagnostic pathological, radiological and forensic odontological services of the highest quality.

  • Create a stimulating and pleasant environment in which students and personnel can thrive.

  • This is achieved through our core values of respect, care and consideration for our colleagues, patients and students, and the belief that there is no substitute for excellence.

To train the students to diagnose the common disorders of Orofacial region by clinical examination and with the help of such investigations as may be required and medical management of oro-facial disorders with drugs and physical agents.

  • To train the students about the importance, role, use and techniques of microscopy blood investigations and other diagnostic methods .

  • The principles of the clinical and pathologic aspects of Forensic Odontology.

Objectives of Oral Pathology And Microbiology

  • To emulate a sense of service and to harness the sense of dignity and discipline among the students.

  • To inculcate in the students the appropriate doctor patient relationship and interactions

  • To extend the education of highest quality and standard which matches the global standard to the student at the undergraduate and postgraduate level

  • To diagnose various oral lesions, such as oral cancer, oral tumors, cysts etc.

  • To promptly diagnose and investigate oral premalignant lesions and oral cancer.

  • To impart quality and diagnostic oral & maxillofacial pathology services to patients.

  • To identify the relations of oral and systemic health.  

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