• DEPARTMENT OF PERIODONTOLOGY was established with establishment of college: OCTOBER-1991

  • Date of undergraduate subject:JUNE -1994

  • Date of introduction of postgraduate course:

  • MAY-2007

Aims of Periodontology:

  • The dental graduates during training in institutions should acquire adequate knowledge ,necessary skills & reasonable attitude which are required for carrying out all activites appropriate to general dental practice involving scaling,polishing,root planing,and minor surgical procedures.

  • The Post-graduates during the training in institution should develop the clinical, academic, and communicative skills required for carrying out a sucessful treatments such as , Minor oral surgeries which includes flap surgical procedures,mucogingival surgeries,gingivectomy,Gingivoplasty,vestibuloplasty,

  • surgical crown lengthning,maintainence of implants,

  • Root coverage procedures,smile desingning.

Objectives of Periodontology:

  • The objective of the Periodontology program is to prepare Post graduates for a successful and productive career in periodontalSurgery. The curriculum is designed to develop the clinical, academic, and communicative skills that will provide for diversified career options. The educational experience is progressive in nature offering increasing responsibilities as residents proceed through the program. A unique feature of this program is immediate participation in all aspects of patient care.

  • Post-Graduates will be prepared to pursue contemporary full scope of periodontalSurgery practice.

  • The student shall also develop an attitude to perform the treatment with full aseptic precautions; shall develop an attitude to prevent iatrogenic diseases; to refer the patients who require specialist’s care.

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