Gen & Dental Pharmacology


  • Department of General and Dental Pharmacology was established in October 1991.

  • Pharmacology is the science that deals with drugs.

  • Development of modern Pharmacology started taking shape following the introduction of experimental procedures in animals.

  • Broad knowledge of Pharmacology with emphasis on certain aspects is necessary for a dentist as some medications may interact with drugs prescribed by them.

Best Practices

  • Feedback from students on teaching is taken.

  • Development of teaching material.

  • Assignments are assigned to student for progress in result.

  • Discussion on various topics on daily basis.

  • Conduction of Extra classes, test and discussion for weak students.

  • To go through internal assessment marks & papers.

  • Competitive forum is established for career development of students in competitive exams for postgraduate studies.

Future Plans

  • Conduction of Interdepartmental student activity ? Completed

  • Establishment of museum

  • Addition of new educational models and charts.

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