Gen.Human Physiology & Biochemistry


  • Department of General Human Physiology and Biochemistry was established in October 1991

  • The Department deals with teaching fundamental subjects of Human Physiology and Biochemistry to first year BDS students .

Best Practices:

  • Students were taught basic medical subjects of Physiology and Biochemistry according to syllabus provided by MUHS university

  • Development of teaching material.

  • Assignments are assigned to student for progress in result.

  • Discussion on various topics on daily basis.

  • Conduction of Extra classes , test and discussion for weak students.

  • To go through internal assessment marks & papers.

  • Feedback from students on teaching is taken.

  • Attendance cell is established to report weekly absent students.

  • Advisory meeting is conducted monthly to check performance of student.

  • Competitive forum is established for career development of students in competitive exams for postgraduate studies.

  • Biohazard waste disposal: The institution is registered under Aurangabad municipal corporation (M.N.C.) for waste disposal.

Future Plans:

  • Conduction of Interdepartmental student activity in collaboration with Dental Post Graduate departments.

  • Development of equipped research Laboratory for research of UG & PG students and medical teachers.

  • Establishment of Departmental Museum with models related with biochemical cycles and physiological body systems

  • For physiology practicals we have established and equipped labs of Harmatology and Clinical Physiology. The students perform all haematology experiments suggested by University. A clinical laboratory is developed for clinical experiments in Physiology.

  • For Biochemistry subject we have equipped lab with chemicals and instruments for performing experiments given by University.

Learning Objectives for Physiology

A student of first year BDS should

  • Know normal physiology of Human Body including functions of various systems

  • Apply the knowledge to understand basic of various diseases due to variation in physiology

  • Develop clinical skills in performing haematological procedures and examination of body systems.

  • Develop communication skills and ethical background for the teachers, peers and patients.

  • Develop an approach of humanity when talking and treating patient.

Learning Objectives for Biochemistry

The Syllabus assigned by MUHS, Nashik includes the basic medical biochemistry along with metabolism, nutrition and genetics. Hence our basic learning objective from a dental student is to make him / her understand the medical biochemistry from Clinical point. This includes the metabolic changes which leads to changes in the levels of various blood and body fluid substances. Practical aspects of the syllabus basically focuses on the few important biochemical parameters, the knowledge of which is essential for a dentist.

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