Oral Medicine & Radiology


  • Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology was established in October 1991
  • The Department deals with the Outpatients and guides them to the respective departments for the treatments.
  • The Department also attends to making various intra oral and extra oral radiographs as well as advanced radiographic techniques such as RVG, DIGITAL OPG & CEPHALOGRAM.

Best Practices:

  • All equipments are calibrated periodically from outside agency and their record is maintained.
  •  Biohazard waste disposal: The institution is registered under Aurangabad municipal corporation (M.N.C.) for waste disposal.
  • Personal and environmental safety  has been taken care in our department.
  • Attendance cell is established to report weekly absent students.
  • Advisory meeting is conducted monthly to check performance of student.
  • Feedback from students on teaching is taken.
  • Development of teaching material.
  • Assignments are assigned to student for progress in result.
  • Discussion on various topics on daily basis.
  • Conduction of  Extra classes , test and discussion for weak students.
  • To go through internal assessment marks & papers.
  • Competitive forum is established for career development of students in competitive exams for postgraduate studies.

Future Plans:

  • Conduction of Interdepartmental student activity = Completed
  • Conduction of Patient counseling program = Completed
  • Enhancement of environmental and operator protection from radiation = Completed
  • Establishment of research protocol = Completed
  • Establishment of Cancer detection unit – Expected by 2016
  • Current Status: Research project has been completed. Write up work is ongoing
  • Conduction of Webinar CDE programs – Expected by 2016
  • Acquisition of CBCT unit - Expected by 2018
  • Conduction of various CDE programs in collaboration with international universities - Expected by 2018

    Approximately 150-175 patients per day are examined & guided to various departments for further treatment and 100–120 intraoral radiographs and 12-15 extra oral radiographs are made, diagnosed and reported, then they are referred back to the respective departments for further treatment.


  • oral & maxillofacial evaluation of individual/ patients of various age groups that is pediatric and geriatric patients with oral conditions and
  • also oral manifestations of systemic diseases,
  • inflammatory lesions like swellings, ulcers, growths,
  • precancerous lesions and precancerous conditions,
  • oral malignances,
  • neurological pains,
  • jaw fractures, developmental anomalies etc and
  • non surgical management of oral precancerous lesions and conditions, TMJ disorders and salivary gland disorders etc.

Teaching Learning Methods and Aids in the Department:

1 CD’s and DVD’s 30
2 Computers 03
3 Internet Facility Available
4 Photographs Available
5 Charts Available
6 Small Group Discussions Yes
7 LCD 01
8 Demonstration Available
9 X-ray trainer 03


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