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CSMSS Dental College and Hospital was established in 1991 to fulfill aspirations of students to obtain "Professional Education”. It is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (M.U.H.S.), Nashik. The college has been recognized by the Dental Council of India. This college is housed in a twin building and is located within city limits of Aurangabad in an open, pollution free, secure, safe and peaceful locality and is just 3kms from Aurangabad railway station and 15 kms from the airport. The world heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora are located around Aurangabad.

The college has become a centre for academic and clinical excellence, in the state of Maharashtra.

College offers a four year programme of study leading to B.D.S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), followed by One year Rotatory Intern-ship programme and, a three year programme of postgraduate study leading to M.D.S. (Master of Dental Surgery) degree and Ph.D. course as well. Our college is leading institute in dental education, research and patient care. Our success secret is dedicated and highly qualified faculty, and their commitment to teaching and contributing in shaping of bright future of our students. Our institute organizes number of relevant disciplinary activities for upgrading and instilling extensive knowledge in our students. Along with academic development our institute constantly works towards overall development of our students by organizing various cultural and extra curricular activities periodically we have state of the art, laboratories, museums, library (central & departmental), central canteen, sports complex, gymnasium amenities. Students coming from different parts of states and nations are provided with accommodation and food facilities.

SIP Team

Staff Name
Dr. Lata Kale
MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)
0240-2646302 (Office)
Dr. Amruta Bansode
Nodal Officer
MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)
Dr. Kushal Shinde
MDS (Public Health Dentistry)
Dr. Kapil Wahane
MDS (Conservative Dentistry)
A) Learning Goal No.01 :
1. Behavior and society health activity for promoting, protecting or maintaining oral health.

2. Behavior and society health denotes the complex of psychosocial factors influencing the health of individual and community.

Oral Health Education - Objectives
1. Informing people about the oral diseases, their etiology and how to prevent it.
2. Motivating people, forming or changing attitudes, beliefs and values or opinion regarding oral health.
3. To motivate society to change their behavior and lifestyle.

CSMSS Dental College has planned out approaches to attain oral health promotion as follows
Preventive: This approach aims are reduction in disease levels in which health professionals act as experts and patients are passive recipients of preventive care.
Behavior Change: Based on assumption that provision of information lead to sustained change in behavior.
Educational: Uses range of methods to helps individual make inform choices about their health related behavior.
Empowerment: Helps people in identifying their own concerns and priorities and developing the confidence and skills to address their issues.
Social change: This approach aims to change the physical social and economic environment to promote oral health and wellbeing.

CSMSS Dental College has three satellite centers, adopted old age home & an Orphanage. Dept. of public health dentistry conducts community outreach programs and NSS unit to attain the Oral Health Education, oral health promotion and utilization of dental services by under privileged people.

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B) Learning Goal No.02 : Clinical Research
1. To be well-versed in one or more of the following including epidemiological technique, bio statistical concepts, health related information system,       health policy, health care research, health habits, illness prevention and health promotions.
2. To be able to conduct research ethically on human research subjects.
3. To be able to critically evaluate the published and proposed research in medical scientific literature (systematic review).
4. To be able to create research questions, recruit the study population as well as plan and carryout a study to answer it.
5. To be able to communicate and write about the finding of one’s academic study and publish it in medical scientific journal.
6. To choose a topic for future scholarly study and research and to gain specialized knowledge of relevant clinical field.
7. To improve health care practice, clinical knowledge, skills and judgment.

Schedule for SIP-2024 - Clinical Research
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